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Theft Prevention / Don’t Forget to Tap In!

The safety and wellbeing of our residents is of paramount importance to us. We know each and every one of you is also invested in your personal safety and those of your fellow students. It takes all of us working together to promote safety throughout our community.

Protect Your Home

We ask that you follow these best practices to keep our community safe:

  • Always tap in with your own Cal 1 Card or fob when entering the residence halls. If your building uses keys, have your key in hand. Tapping in or showing your key is the equivalent to using your house key to unlock your front door at home.
  • Even though it may feel like the natural or polite thing to do, please avoid holding the door open for people to enter behind you.
  • Even when someone holds the door open for you, please tap in. It reaffirms that you live here and can help reduce anxiety for your neighbors about potentially letting in a stranger.
  • Remain aware of your surroundings at all times. If you look distracted, for instance by checking your phone a lot or by listening to something loud on your earphones, you may be seen as an easier target.
  • After dark and in the evenings, consider using BearWalk for a free walking escort to your destination. Take a moment to program your phone now: 510.642.9255 (642.WALK). Or visit

Residence Hall Safety

Everyone (residents and non-residents alike) deserves to feel safe and welcome in their community. Safety Ambassadors act as a first set of eyes on issues at and around the entrances to the residential halls and as first responders in any incidents, seeking help from campus partners when appropriate.

Our enhanced security efforts, like surveillance cameras, do help to reduce crime risks but cannot eliminate thefts and risks to personal safety. Non-residents who enter the building have an opportunity to take advantage of residents who leave items unattended or leave their room doors propped open.

Always tap in for yourself, and only yourself, to help reduce risk of theft, damage to your personal items, and decrease risks to the personal safety of all Golden Bears. The best way to prevent crime is to make these actions habitual.

If you see any suspicious persons who don’t appear to be residents or guests, please notify an RA on duty or contact UCPD by calling them at 510.642.3333 from a cell phone on or near campus. Otherwise, dial 911.