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Residential Student Coordinator – Hiring and Training

Residential Student Coordinator – Hiring and Training, Academic Year 2024-2025

This application will open on November 20th. Click here for the application.
Applications are due January 18th at 5 PM. 


Job Description 2024-2025 Academic Year

The mission of Residential Life is to facilitate student transitions into the intellectual and social communities of the University of California, Berkeley and to promote personal wellbeing and respect for the community needs of all residents. Residential Life’s vision reflects a commitment to the intentional creation of effective and innovative programs aimed to empower students with the skills to become engaged campus and global citizens, and active agents of social change. The Senior Resident Directors (SRD), Resident Directors (RD), and the Live-In Student Staff will accomplish this mission through a combination of community building activities, student empowerment programs, and personal conversations. This is accomplished by the work of the 500+ student employees who work in the residence halls.


The Hiring and Training Residential Student Coordinator plays an integral part in the development and coordination of the recruitment and selection processes for Residential Life staff positions . The Residential Hiring and Training Coordinator will develop and carry out a comprehensive marketing plan as well as coordinate the application, interview, hiring and onboarding process.  The Hiring and Training Coordinator will also ensure a professional and positive experience for all applicants to the positions. The Hiring and Training Coordinator assists in the development and coordination of Hall Staff training for the live-in student staff. In collaboration with the Residential Life Training Team, the Hiring and Training Coordinator is essential in the creation of a comprehensive training curriculum that supports the department’s mission.


The Hiring and Training RSC’s role encompasses developing marketing strategies, project management, large-event coordination, and positively representing the department. Collaboration with peers and other professionals in the department is essential in the success of this Coordinator, therefore, flexibility, creativity, professionalism, time management, and an ability to work independently is required.  The responsibilities listed will be carried out under the supervision of the  Resident Director or the  Assistant Director of Residential Life.

The Hiring and Training RSC also serves as lead of the Hiring and Training team, which includes: assigning daily tasks, coordinating meeting agendas, and following up on assignments.


Ethics Statement

As a representative of the University of California, Berkeley and a member of the Residential Life staff, the Residential Student Coordinator  is expected to respect the personal integrity of all community members and assure they be treated in a manner that is fundamentally fair. Staff should refrain from engaging in any behaviors, attitudes, relationships, or actions that:

  • Would be considered harassment on the basis of gender, race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, citizenship, age, and/or ability.
  • Would impinge on a resident’s or another staff member’s dignity, moral code, privacy, self‐worth, and academic, physical, psychological, and/or emotional well‐being.
  • Would seek unjustified personal gains, unfair advantage, unearned goods or services.



Essential Duties

Leadership and Communication (30%)

  • Lead the Hiring and Training Team in development and implementation of multiple academic year and summer hiring processes for academic year and summer processes. This includes helping to establish the creation of the overall selection goals and process under the advice of the professional staff in Residential Life.
  • Perform outreach to various student groups and populations; do additional presentations at meetings and communicate with contacts and campus partners about positions.
  • Maintain correspondence with potential candidates and campus partners relating to all matters relating to hiring and training processes. Maintain and regularly check departmental email account (at least once every 24 hours).
  • Design or assist marketing staff in designing recruitment website; regularly update website information.
  • Develop and implement a marketing plan in collaboration with other stakeholders that will reach a broad spectrum of the UC Berkeley diverse student body.
  • Coordinate mass correspondence to candidates including interview notification and candidacy status letters.
  • Create and maintain accurate employee rosters.
  • Order and maintain all office and administrative supplies necessary for the planning and implementing staff selection.
  • Provide informal feedback to the Hiring and Training Team on tasks and processes. 
  • Conduct and organize weekly team meetings as needed.
  • Meet as requested with the professional staff to report progress on selection tasks and upcoming deadlines. Be in direct communication with supervisors about progress of work.
  • Other duties as assigned.


Hiring Process Management and Project Coordination (25%)

  • Develop and deliver informative and engaging interest sessions for varying audiences around campus.
  • Coordinate all room reservations and catering needs for info sessions and interviews.
  • Develop materials and updates to inform the professional staff in the department about current hiring processes.
  • Assist in development and follow through of the position-specific hiring timelines.
  • Assist with the creation of application and interview materials for all positions.
  • Responsible for the collection and filing of all application materials, essays, grade reports, recommendation forms, and acceptance letters.
  • Track and regularly update candidate status and candidate rosters.
  • Assist in implementation of interview processes; coordinate on-site at interviews and provide direction for participants.
  • Transcribe and organize all interview results.
  • Provide onboarding instructions and support for new student hires, including, but not limited, to coordinating payroll information, scheduling mass hire sessions, work-study, scheduling background checks, and separating students leaving the positions.
  • Regularly update online application forms and databases, be able to provide timely information to stakeholders.


Training Process Management and Project Coordination (25%)

  • Assist in the development of individual training session goals and objectives for each component of the training program; recruiting facilitators, developing agenda, activities, and assessments.
  • Assist in identifying and selecting campus and community training consultants and provide them with the necessary information and materials related to their training session.
  • Respond to correspondence from hall staff and other staff regarding Training in a timely manner.
  • Provide resources and instructions for the professional staff concerning training sessions
  • Assist in the design and development of the Staff Training Website and online training modules.
  • Meet weekly with the staff responsible for summer training preparation and be prepared to communicate progress on training tasks and upcoming deadlines.


Administration and Event Management (10%)

  • Develop and implement an overall design and marketing scheme for materials involved with training in collaboration with the Training Team.
  • Design the Training schedule and participant materials. Prepare final copy for distribution to the staff during training.
  • Schedule all room reservations and corresponding audio-visual equipment required for all training sessions.
  • Coordinate all meals needed during training sessions with the assistance of Dining and or Conference Services and outside vendors.
  • Assist with set-up, logistics, and facilitation of training sessions for hall staff training.
  • Identify outside vendors needed and follow appropriate procedures for event approval, insurance, payment, and reimbursement.
  • Assist with the creation and duplication of training materials required for individual training sessions
  • Research, identify and order hall staff supplies necessary for training curriculum and follow up on any purchasing procedures required.


Assessment/Analysis/Strategics (5%)

  • Gather input from student and professional staff and review department needs in relationship to selection and training.
  • Work with the Hiring Team to develop and implement training for professional and student staff on the interview process, norming procedure for application reviewing, and hiring standards.
  • Develop evaluation tools for the overall selection process for candidates, hall staff, and professional staff.
  • Compile and review the feedback from the evaluation processes.
  • Assist in reviewing and analyzing the feedback from past hall staff training.
  • Develop evaluation tools for the overall training program and individual training sessions.
  • Gather input from student and professional staff and review department needs in relationship to training.


Other Duties (5%)

  • Other duties as assigned by the supervisor.





  • Undergraduate or graduate student in good standing with the university and possessing a minimum 2.300 cumulative GPA and good standing with the University at the time of application and throughout the period of employment. Please note that GPA does not round up, any GPA below a 2.300 (2.299 or below) will make you ineligible for this position. Hiring Coordinators are not required to be enrolled in academic courses during employment for the summer.
  • Full-time academic status (12-13 units per semester) during time of application and throughout the period of employment.  Exceptions must have the prior approval of the Director of Residential Life.



  • Previous experience in administration, event planning, leadership, or project coordination.
  • Intermediate to advanced Excel knowledge and comfortable with intermediate-level Excel formulas and formatting automations.



Terms of Employment

  • Abide by all Housing and Residential Policies as outlined by the Residential and Campus Code of Conduct. Failure to abide by these policies may result in personnel action up to and including dismissal.
  • Maintain the required 2.300 minimum G.P.A. throughout the term of employment. Hiring and Training Coordinators must submit a copy of an official grade report to Residential Life. Spring 2024 grade report must be submitted by July 1, 2024 while the Fall 2024 grade report must be submitted within the first week of classes of the Spring 2025 semester in order to ensure compliance with the academic requirements of the position.
  • Maintain full-time academic status (12-13 units per semester) throughout the term of employment. Exceptions must have prior approval of the Resident Director and Assistant Director.
  • The period of employment for this live-in position commences with the start of student staff training as early as Monday, August 5, 2024 (negotiable)  and concludes Sunday, May 11, 2025 with the closing of the residence halls.
  • Hiring and Training Coordinators are expected to work during some evenings, weekends and holidays. A commitment of approximately 19 hours/week is expected (some weeks may be more, whereas others may be less, depending on time of year, events, issues in the hall, etc.), which includes but is not limited to, engaging with residents, required meetings, duty coverage, program implementation and attendance, being visible and available to residents, and addressing the specific needs of the community.
  • Hiring and Training Coordinators are restricted to no more than fifteen hours of outside commitments (i.e. running for ASUC, club participation, additional employment, both on and off campus). Exceptions must be discussed and approved in advance by the Resident Director or Assistant Director.
  • Continued employment is contingent upon a satisfactory job performance evaluation by the supervisor. Satisfactory job performance evaluation is defined as meeting expectations as defined by the job evaluation in all areas of the job description.
  • Hiring and Training Coordinator positions are for the academic year. Candidates who wish to continue during the subsequent summer or academic year must apply through the designated process.
  • Hiring and Training Coordinators who display psychological behavior which raises concerns about fitness for the position may be required to complete an assessment of fitness and ability in order to continue in the position.
  • Hiring and Training Coordinators have the option to continue their employment throughout the summer after the academic year position has ended. Talk to your supervisor about continuing in the role.




  • The Hiring and Training Coordinator will receive room and board during the period of employment as compensation.
  • Living arrangements may range from a single room to a shared apartment space, depending on the departmental need.
  • The Hiring and Training Coordinator will receive a Meal Plan. Unused points after the vacancy of the position will not be transferred to the student.




  • Maintain positive working relationships with others in Residential Life.
  • Maintain strict confidentiality and objectivity in all matters related to all candidates, current professional and career staff, and office information.
  • Follow established administrative processes such as reimbursement, purchase orders, and contract approvals.



Background Check Requirement

This position is subject to a criminal background check. This position meets the following background check criteria:

  • Access to detailed personally identifiable information about students, faculty, staff, or alumni which might enable identity theft.