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Residential Student Coordinator – Graduate Experience

Residential Student Coordinator – Graduate Experience, Academic Year 2024-2025

This application will remain open until the position is filled. Apply here. 

The mission of Graduate & Family Living (GFL) is to facilitate graduate student transitions into the intellectual and social communities of the University of California, Berkeley and to promote personal wellbeing and respect for the community needs of all residents. GFL’s vision reflects a commitment to the intentional creation of effective and innovative programs aimed to empower students with the skills to become engaged campus and global citizens, and active agents of social change. The Senior Community Directors (SCD), RSC, and Program Assistants will accomplish this mission through a combination of community building activities, student empowerment programs, and personal conversations. This is accomplished by the work of student affairs staff, operations staff, and program assistants who work in the housing facilities that serve graduate and family housing.


The Residential Student Coordinator plays an integral part in the development and coordination of the apartment-living community. The Resident Student Coordinator supports the Community Director team and serves the graduate resident population through programming and community building. This RSC supports the single graduate students in Manville, Jackson House, Intersection Apartments and the University Village in Albany (UVA).

Essential Duties

Graduate Resident Engagement Responsibilities (65% ~12 hours)

  • Programming requirements
    • Plan, advertise, and execute virtual and in-person programs for assigned populations each semester (may include summer programming). Design programming to address Graduate Resident Surveys results
      • When appropriate, collaborate with Resident Faculty, Graduate Assembly, campus organizations, etc.
    • Coordinate welcome initiatives for new graduate residents at the beginning of each semester
    • Attend Graduate Assembly & Wellness Committee meetings to stay informed of parallel efforts to serve graduate students on campus/ opportunities to collaborate.
    • Research possible grant funding sources to fund programming efforts.
  • Engage graduate residents regularly with an email newsletter
    • Promote Residential Life Graduate Resident Surveys
  • Bulletin boards
    •  Update bulletin boards in each residential community with pertinent residential, campus, wellness, and/or professional development information once per semester
  • Graduate Apartments Hall Association Development
    • Support and encourage residents in the development and continued engagement in an effective Village Resident Association and Berkeley Graduate Resident Hall Association under the direction of the Community Directors. This may include but is not limited to: recruitment of residents for hall association, promotion of election process, and attendance at some association meetings and events
  • Complete administrative tasks (especially those that involve purchasing) in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Provide academic, personal support, and referrals to residents and demonstrate knowledge of campus resources


Departmental Responsibilities (35% ~7 hours)

  • Resident Faculty program support
    • Encourage resident faculty participation in graduate and family living events.
  • Reporting
    • Establish and submit a weekly work schedule prior to the beginning of each semester
    • Maintain clear communication with your supervisor. Attend supervisory meetings as scheduled
    • Submit monthly reports
  • Training
    • Attend specified GFL training sessions (especially PA training)
    • Necessary topics include residential and housing processes, residential and campus resource knowledge, incident and student of concern reporting, and emergency preparedness.
  • Working Relationships
    • Establish effective working relationships with GFL professional staff. 
  • Additional Duties as assigned to meet the evolving needs of the residential community




  • Applicants must have a completed bachelor’s degree.
  • Applicants must apply to a University of California, Berkeley graduate program and complete all requirements for admission.
  • Applications for the Graduate Experience Coordinator position and for admission to graduate school are separate. 
  • Graduate student in good standing with the university and possessing a minimum 2.300 cumulative GPA and good standing with the University at the time of application and throughout the period of employment. Please note that GPA does not round up, any GPA below a 2.300 (2.299 or below) will make you ineligible for this position. 
  • Full-time academic status (12-13 units per semester or whatever is required by the graduate program) during time of application and throughout the period of employment.  Exceptions must have the prior approval of the Director of GFL.


  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to facilitate community among individuals
  • Understanding or willingness to create an inclusive, socially-just community.
  • Preferred minimum of one year residence in a college or university residual facility, or a similar group living experience such as a Greek house, co-op, or theme program prior to term of employment.

Terms of Employment

  • The period of employment for this position is for the entirety of the academic year and/or summer. You must be available for a minimum time commitment of 19 hours weekly during the Fall/Spring semester. Some evening and weekend hours are required. Summer employment is also available, but not required.
  • Any major time commitments (i.e. summer school, additional employment exceeding 15 hours a week, etc.) outside the Graduate Experience Coordinator position must be discussed and approved by the Director, GFL prior to accepting the position.
  • The period of employment for this live-in position commences as early as Monday, July 1, 2024 (negotiable)  and concludes as late as  Monday, June 30, 2024 depending upon housing contract dates for Manville, Jackson House, Intersection, or ACC University Village. This contract does not apply to Family Village.
  • The Graduate Experience Coordinator must submit a copy of an official transcript in order to ensure compliance with the academic requirements of the position following completion each semester.
  • Continued employment is contingent upon a satisfactory job performance evaluation by the supervisor. Satisfactory job performance evaluation is defined as meeting expectations as defined by the job evaluation in all areas of the job description.


  • The Graduate Experience Coordinator will receive a single person room and board during the period of employment as compensation. This contract does not apply to Family Village  apartments.
  • Living arrangements may range from a single room to a shared apartment space, depending on the departmental need.
  • The Graduate Experience Coordinator will receive the Gold Meal Plan. Unused points after the vacancy of the position will not be transferred to the student.


  • Maintain positive working relationships with others in GFL.
  • Maintain strict confidentiality and objectivity in all matters related to all candidates, current professional and career staff, and office information.
  • Follow established administrative processes such as reimbursement, purchase orders, and contract approvals.
  • Model ethical behavior through personal and academic pursuits and adhere to all housing  policies.
  • Demonstrate appreciation of differences and assist students in developing an understanding of diverse backgrounds, cultures and lifestyles.  
  • Respect and treat all individuals fairly and equitably by being open and understanding of all religious identities, abilities, sexual orientation, gender expression, cultural & ethnic identities, and citizenship status.
  • Work cooperatively with students in the living environment to reflect a community that displays respect for the rights and privacy of others and promotes consideration of individual needs.
  • Cultivate an inclusive environment in which residents feel welcomed to engage and contribute to the living community.

This position is subject to a criminal background check. This position meets the following background check criteria:

  • Access to detailed personally identifiable information about students, faculty, staff, or alumni which might enable identity theft.